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Xposed Framework Android-How To install And Its Advantages?

Xposed Framework Android is a tool or program that allows you to change your ROM easily. You can use this work anytime. For example, changing font style, evolving icon colour, making the status bar transparent, changing the icon of the status bar, etc.

Xposed Framework Android

However, nowadays developers do not separately create custom ROMs, leaning towards Xposed Framework. Why are they risking Xposed Framework?

How Xposed Framework Works

Think, a developer made a ROM. Then, it uploaded in net to users, shared it. But after sharing saw that there is one or two bugs or problems in the ROM. Then, the developers again rebuilt those bugs and left the room again.

In this way, the developers have spent a lot of time on the internet, and in the same way, those users who have been downloading a lot of trouble downloaded ROM and installed them in formatting and seeing that there is a bug in the ROM.

Both of them have many problems. And for this reason, the developers are moving towards Xposed Framework.

You can not change anything if you install Xposed Framework Android. After installing Xposed Installer, your Module will be required. With those modules, you can make different changes to the ROM. Then you can say, if work is done with the Module, then Xposed Framework is useful.

You can run the Module through Xposed Framework. This means that Xposed Framework will not help you to run Module or just Xposed Framework. I mean both have to be used together.

The Advantages of Xposed Framework Android

Exposed Framework To post many benefits, post huge post will be bigger. The biggest advantage of the Xposed Framework is that the changes that can be made are temporary if you wish you can easily get back to the previous state.

In other words, you can go back to your stock ROM (that was the ROM before using the Xposed Framework) at any time. However, for this purpose, we had to install or delete another ROM completely before installing or removing the entire ROM. Xposed Framework will be available in:

  • Theme changing features
  • The convenience of icon change
  • Icon colour change feature
  • Advantages of Power Menu Ad
  • StatusBar change facilities, etc.

Disclaimer: For any damages for any work neither I nor my site will be responsible.

How To Install

Download link: Xposed Framework For Android 

By downloading it, you can install it just like normal apps. However, Your device:

  • Must be Rooted
  • Android Version 4.0+

How To Use

  • First, download the Xposed Framework or Xposed Installer.
  • Next Install Xposed Framework / Installer.
  • Then open Xposed Framework / Installer, if you want Root Permission, click Allow / Grant. Then click on Framwork> Install / Update and wait until it’s done. Reboot the phone after install/update.
  • After restarting the phone, install Module (Module XDA or Google will be available).
  • Then from the Xposed Installer go to Modules, then tick the Module settings here. Then you can use Xposed Module.

Some Popular Module of Xposed:

  • GravityBox
  • Xblast Tool
  • Flat Style Bar Indicator
  • Gesture Navigation
  • Greenify
  • Xposed StatusBar
  • EX Theme
  • XuiMod etc.

There are many more such modules. These are the Module you can find on XDA or Google.

For a little more detail, those who make custom ROMs, they usually modify and enhance applications to add unique features or features to their made ROMS and combine them all into a custom ROM, leaving them for use.

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