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What is VPN And How Does It Work[Understand With A Story]

What is VPN? The VPN term is not uncommon in the present day technology era, every day the internet has communicated with the internet. Many of us are familiar with the VPN name but many of us have ignorance about what this exactly is.

what is vpn

VPN is the only thing that many people think is just accessing the blocked website but is that so? Find out more about this from today’s post.

What is VPN

VPN is an abbreviation form of Virtual Private Network. Let’s start with a story instead of going to the traditional definition of VPN.

Suppose you live on a small island in a vast ocean. Apart from the island you live on, there are several hundred islands nearby. Some are very close, But the rest are far away. And the only way to travel between these islands is the medium sized boat.

Now if you have to go to a nearby island, then you have to get on that boat. But when you’re in the boat, you have to take care of yourself, you do not have any privacy here because someone who is in the boat will notice a little bit of what you are doing.

Now think that each island there is a LAN (Local Area Network) and the sea is the Internet. The way the sea is connected to the islands, the Internet connects LANs. And to travel in a boat means connecting with a web server.

You don’t have any control over the people travelling in the boat, as well as your internet service provider. That is to say, if you try on a boat while travelling, you can see the movements of your internet activity, similar to what you are doing, your ISP (Internet Service Provider), which gives you an internet connection.

But what if you had a small submarine on the island? Then you could easily travel from island to island to another by maintaining your own security and privacy! You could have travelled wisely without informing anyone what you are doing or not.

What is VPN According To This Story

VPN works like a submarine in our story. When you are using a public network, there is a risk of confidentiality leaks in the information. VPN is the only way to connect to your private network to avoid this risk. It gives you the opportunity to use the web in incognito from anywhere in the world.

How Does VPN work

VPN encrypts your Internet connection and converts your device IP address into another IP address. It actually creates a virtual ‘tunnel’ or tunnel between you and your internet destination. This tunnel is created after connecting between your device and a VPN server.

After connecting to the VPN server, your server confirms its encryption through its encryption protocol. As a result, when you exchange any information, it is going through a secure tunnel. This tunnel can be compared with sending letters filled envelopes. It is not possible to know what you are doing using VPN, as you can not tear the envelope like what you wrote in the letter.

Your ISP will know that you are using VPN, but they can not tell where you are going on the Internet, what are you doing.

Finally, if you want a little bit of privacy, you can use Google Public DNS instead of leaving your ISP’s Domain Name Servers (DNS).

Why You Need VPN

Dark web is not based on regular internet. It needs VPN services and special software to get access to the dark web. Here are the articles to know more about the Dark Web and payment system on Dark Web:

You get a rough overview of What is VPN. Those who didn’t know about this before, they have a little. Now let’s see the advantages of virtual private networks. Otherwise, you can not tell anyone why you are using VPN. Besides, what you are doing, why do use this VPN you should know this also, don’t you?

VIew Any Blocked Content Freely

There are many contents on the Internet that are available for adults or age-based blocks. Or if it is an organisation’s web site, access to workers’ pick-up content is preserved. In that case, you can access those block content using VPN.

VPN is 100% Effective in Protecting Privacy

Google Mama is such a thing that you can not escape from anyway. What you’re doing, how you’re doing, what your interest is, Google knows very well. If you do not want your information is stored somewhere then use VPN is the best solution for you. With VPN you will be the complete Anonymous.

To Visit Other Country’s Reserved Websites

There are many websites in the world that internet users from other countries can not visit. But you can easily access those websites using VPN. Besides, some internet facilities are allocated to a particular country. As Indonesia has a system to use a single name on Facebook. So, using the Indonesian IP with VPN, you can easily get the facility in India. There are many other benefits that you can get through using VPN.

Securely Use Any Public Wi-Fi Network

No public Wi-Fi network is safe to exchange important information. There is always a fear of becoming a data hack in these networks. But a private network can be created between any public network using VPN. As a result, the Internet user will be 100% safe to deliver important data.

Browsing Will Never Be Logged

Remember, you are charged with the court. Because it is mentioned that you have made or used to order cocaine on the internet or made an order. You might have worked for your chemistry project, but it is not legal. If your computer has a VPN, then your browser history will remain completely untrusted, and then you can easily prove yourself innocent. VPN can protect you from all severe issues.

To Make Personal Files Secure

You may know that the uploaded files or information to the internet can be monitored. You might want to send a file to anyone or download it from the internet, which will be in great danger when leaked. In such a situation, using VPN can be safely downloaded and uploaded to all those files.


I hope you get what is VPN and keep yourself safe from sharing your information using VPN through a complete idea about VPN. Thank you very much to everyone for being with us.

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