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The Importance Of Website Security With HTTPS[Complete Guide]

Website Security impacts Search Engine Optimization to a great extent. Nobody should forget to focus on SEO until one day someone hacks your website and your ranks drop down. Therefore, including web security is a part and parcel of SEO. You cannot separate both and you shouldn’t.

It is crucial to note that even if the website is not hacked till date, there are chances that it may get attacked. Saving your website from constant threats is very challenging, the attempts to hack can prevent Google from accessing your website. The result would cause the web server to slow down and thus affecting the search engine result page (SERP).

However, the main purpose of website security is not just about to improve website search visibility. It also emphasizes as the thumb rule for all the companies, organizations have to offer a secure environment. Hence, the wise option to provide such safe experience is to buy an SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority.

The Flow of Changing from HTTP to HTTPS

It is high time to implement an SSL certificate as a basic security measure level which allows your visitors to browse within a secure connection.

There are many agencies who offer excellent services to buy an SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority. Buying from a certified service is very important as Google and SSL initiates organic search ranking.

website security

However, resettling the website from HTTP to HTTPS is an effortless process. You can follow these steps to make most of it:

  • buy an SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority.
  • Install SSL certificate on your website server.
  • URL’s which are not updated from HTTP to HTTPS will snap after the migration. Make sure you double check all of the links.
  • Notify Google and other search engines about SSL migration.
  • Change the website security level by setting 301 redirects to “HTTPS”.
  • Likewise, if any of the visitors bookmark your website, is automatically redirected to the new HTTPS website.

Ultimately, SSL is involved with online transactions, verifications, online payments, online shopping, authentications and many more. It is high time to give importance to securing information like passwords, credit card pin numbers through HTTPS requires SSL to stop cyber threats. This is the top reason why you should buy an SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority.

SEO Advantages of Website Security With HTTPS

Having website security is anyway a benefit to SEO. Google recommends safer and secure websites, this is why Google has made a must to change all web servers to HTTPS. You cannot compromise on website quality and standards, especially e-commerce websites should buy an SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority follow this HTTPS migration policy. Let us look at some of the benefits to consider:

Better Rankings

Switching to HTTPS however may not show immediate results in the Google search page, but it is an essential part of SEO strategy. At the present times, most of the SEO experts recommend for this SSL.

Also, Google’s search algorithm has evolved in many ways, a safe website lays a positive role in a company’s SEO as well. Hence, the overall ranking will change for better along with the website’s cybersecurity.

Google Analytics

Ever since HTTPS has become a must constraint for any website, Google Analytics becomes even more useful as direct traffic can be viewed from anywhere. This is an edge cutting add-on for SEO alone with SSL Certification.

Security and Privacy

Like any other cybersecurity system, SSL HTTPS favours both website visitors and also company owners. Both the parties are in safe hands as it avoids data breaches and monetary damage to you and also the visitors or customers.

Also, SSL certification keeps the user data very privately. No one can use these details for any other purposes except the user himself. Therefore, users can confidently go ahead with the HTTPS migration.

Every SEO Expert Should Know This

The basic responsibility as an SEO is to protect your client’s data, website, and client’s investment in organic search. You can never let them expose to frauds, malware or any kind of cyber threats.

Furthermore, you also cannot let trap yourself in these spams and data leakings. Make sure to protect the website before it is zombified.

Often exploited or infected websites cause much money loss, time to regain all the data, files and most importantly trust. Know the fine line between SEO and the website security, remember there are hackers everywhere ready to cross this line anytime when you least expect.

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The Bottom Line

Above mentioned reasons should be enough for you to believe that website security affects SEO in a positive way and is very beneficial to the website owners and e-commerce owners. However, not all services offer you best deals, this is why you should buy an SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority. They will help you out with installing, various features like plug-ins, themes and also regular updates.

One thing is sure that, better be proactive than worrying after your website gets hacked or prone to cyber threats. Always be ready to face the situation and take the challenges for the best website security checks.

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