9 Strange Reasons Why Most Women Find Singing Fun

Regardless of whether they can sing like Whitney Houston or not, most people – particular women- enjoy singing. Have you ever stopped to wonder why everyone, specific non-professionals, enjoys singing? Besides it is a chance to sing along to your favourite song, other things are going on that might explain why women enjoy singing and why it makes you feel so happy. In this post, we will look at some of the many explanations for this as a way of shedding some light on the mystery.

The fact of the matter is that you are born with the ability to sing. Whether you are actually good at it is a different matter. As we all have the ability to form noises and sounds with our lungs, chest and mouths it makes learning how to sing well much easier than trying to learn a musical instrument that we have no skills with from birth.

1. Oxygenation

Scientifically, whenever we breathe, we send oxygen to our brains which helps us feel more alive. There is some thought to suggest that because when you sing you inhale that this may be a more physiologically reason why singing makes you feel happy and feels like good fun. The fact that you feel good because singing increases the levels of oxygen reaching your brain shouldn’t make you feel that it is just all just a physical thing though and definitely shouldn’t stop you singing. It is just an interesting and strange part of the puzzle as to why it makes you feel so happy.

2. Gives You A Great Sense Of Self

When you sing or attempt to sing high pitches and octaves, it is like playing Frisbee or catch you’re your voice. You have an enhanced awareness of being an expansive, filling space taking in the air and projecting your sound, yourself into the world and having an impact on the world in the process.

3. It Encourages Exploration

Undoubtedly, from time to time you like everyone else, like to escape from the pressures and stresses of your day to day life. Singing enables you to do that because when you sing different songs, you explore and role-play different emotions, situations and other people’s lives. Think about the different types of songs there are, from happy songs to sad songs, from songs about pain and sorrow and loss to songs about love. If you fully immerse yourself in the experience, singing a song can feel like you are taking a little holiday away from everything, which when it is described in that way sounds like a lot of fun.

4. It (Could) Tune Our Auras

For those of you that believe in auras, it has been suggested that when you sing you are tuning your aura, which can have a positive effect on how good you feel. Whether you believe that or not, singing does have a positive effect on your mindset and well-being in general.

5. Singing Feeds Your Fascination

Humans and human brains love new information. Therefore, when you listen to different songs by different singers in different vocal styles, it is stimulating and fascinating for your brain all at the same time. If a song’s lyrics are not very easy to decipher from the original singer’s recording, you might spend time looking over the lyrics online or in a songbook, which can also feed your fascination as you may discover that the song had a slightly different meaning than your first thought.

6. Singing Release Endorphins

Although there are obvious reasons why you have fun singing songs you like, there may be more at work internally. There have studies and research conducted that show there may be a connection between singing and endorphins being released. Endorphins, in case you were unaware, are what is known as our “happy” hormones.

7. It Feels Like A Tribal Thing When You Sing In A Group

Although singing is great fun on your own, it is nothing compared to when you sing in a group. When you work together, harmonise with others and attune your voice with people in a group, it can help to create the feeling of being in a tribe together. This can make you feel as if you are part of something bigger than just one person, which can make you feel good and happy.

8. It Could Be Deepening You Spiritually

There have been many discussions and suggestions made that singing may connect humans to the universe in a truly deep and profound way. The thought is that singing could be related to wave energy patterns and the creation of these patterns, thus connecting us on a much deeper level to the world around us and the continually expanding universe we are in.

9. It Reminds You Of Special Memories

In the same way that you associate films, television programs and even particular food with events and special memories, singing songs can too. It is likely that you have songs that you associate with special times in your life. Perhaps it’s the song you walked down the aisle to on your wedding day, the song you had your first slow dance and kiss too, the song that was playing in the place you met your significant other or just a song that reminds you of that great holiday you had with your best friends because you heard it every night you were away.

When you sing these songs, it conjures up the memories that your brain associates with them. While it might bring back memories of a loved one who died, who love a particular song or singer, it is still fun to reminisce because even though you feel sad that they are gone, you are also reminded of the good times you spent with them when they were alive.

So the next time you find yourself having fun while singing in the shower, walking in the rain or at the gym when you are working out; you will be able to remember this article and the internal things that could be contributing to your good mood.


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