10 Ridiculously Common Scientific Myths

The researchers and new findings that scientists make are mind-boggling, to say the least, for instance, in the Amazon Basin alone approximately seven new species of flora and fauna are discovered each week. Some of the things that scholars identify have great significance to our modern lives, such as medicinal plants with their great healing properties. Below are some 10 Ridiculously Common Scientific Myths that would leave you in stitches.

1. Testosterone Hormone Causes Hostility And Violence

It’s commonly believed that those who produce more testosterone in their bodies are aggressive and prone to vicious behaviours. However, there’s no evidence whatsoever to show that these allegations are true. In fact, it seems like the opposite is what occurs as those with low testosterone levels often exhibit irritability and mood swings, something that can easily be controlled by taking supplements that are rich in this hormone.

2. Eating Garlic Helps In Determining The Child’s Gender

A popular myth says that when an expectant woman takes cloves of garlic but doesn’t smell it from their nostrils, then chances are high that the child would turn out to be a girl. According to these superstitious folks, when you sprinkle Drano compound on to your urine and the mixture becomes green then chances are high that it will turn out to be a boy. These results are false since there are no alkaline or acidic chemicals in female and male chromosomes, if there are any colour changes noticed then it’s probably because of other chemicals in urine and has nothing to do with the kid’s gender.

3. Testosterone Is Only Produced In Men

This is yet another belief that scientists have debunked as false, though the substance occurs in higher portions in men than people of the fairer gender women also have it but in minuscule portions. Testosterone plays a big role during puberty by helping in the formation of secondary female characteristics. Some of the organs that are responsible for the production of the compound in women include ovaries, adrenal glands and fatty tissues. However, as one age the body’s ability to produce the substance drastically declines to a point that it becomes 50% less than what was originally being produced. According to health experts, a healthy woman should produce about 300mgs of testosterone per day.

4. Cravings For Different Types Of Foods

Some people believe that if during pregnancy you develop sweet tooth then it would probably be a baby girl, but if your craving is for sour foods then it would be a boy. However, the fact still remains that an infant who’s not yet been born can’t demand ice creams or chocolates. There’s no scientific evidence supporting this claim, and in fact, scientists have not even declared whether these pregnancy cravings are real or perceived. Another myth is that if your face becomes plump, rosy and fuller then it would be a girl. Nonetheless, common sense says that the shape of your face can’t possibly determine the gender of an unborn baby. Rosiness can probably just be the result of weight gain, if a pregnant woman is too round then they should keep a keen eye on what they eat since too much calories in their body can block blood vessels. This is one of the most widely-believed top 10 Ridiculously Common Science Myths.

5. Myths About Food

Some people hold it that when you drop food on the floor but pick it up again within the next five minutes then it would be safe, since germs have not yet crawled on top of it. However, the reality is that bacteria are already on the ground and once your foodstuff touches the surface they immediately lodge onto it. This phenomenon is particularly true when one is inside the kitchen, where human traffic tends to be great and the amount of salmonella microorganisms on the floor surface is also high.

6. All Acids Are Harmful

When people talk about acids they often assume that all of them are corrosive to the skin, and can cause corrosion or disfigurement when not washed away in time. However, the reality is that there are hundreds of different types of acids and some are quite safe, for instance, citric and vinegar are examples of weak acids which we consume daily as additives or food spices. The level of corrosiveness in an acid depends on its pH levels. Some are indeed corrosive such as the hydrochloric, sulfuric and nitric solutions, though always remember that not all of them are harmful.

7. The Brain Can’t Regenerate Itself

It’s not true that when brain cells die off they cannot grow again, the most common cause of tissue damage in this organ is excessive drinking. As long as you continue taking alcohol perennially then your brain would also shrink in size. For years, scientists held it that mitosis only occurs in other parts of the body but not the brain. A theory that was recently proved wrong by researchers from Steve Stice University.

8. Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice

Though quite uncommon, lightning can hit the same place more than once and cause serious devastation to anything in that place. Lightning tends to favour tall trees and buildings, but in an open field, they usually target the highest thing. The empire state building is believed to receive serious lighting jolts at least 25 times in a year.

9. There’s No Gravity In Outer Space

Everyone would like to visit outer space at some point or another in their lifetime, but the dread that they may get lost in space and wander away into eternity can be troublesome to those who have never done it before. However, reality is that there’s plenty of gravity in varying quantities and that’s what causes stars to circle around the galaxy.

10. Humans Can Explode In Space Vacuum

This is a myth that was borne from sci-fi movies, truth of the matter is that humans can fully survive the emptiness of space so long as they exhale beforehand. This is what helps in protecting astronauts’ lungs from exploding and sending air-bubbles into the bloodstream. Nevertheless, space suits must also be used to provide oxygen and prevent asphyxiation. These are some of the 10 Ridiculously Common Science Myths that people blindly believe without knowing the whole story behind them, you can research more about the myths for enlightenment.


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