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Ransomware Attacks – How To Prevent Ransomware [100% Security]

The most significant ransomware attacks in the history of the internet are in 74 countries around the world. It spread to 99 countries on Monday. Encrypt over 250,000 computer information. There are many significant hospitals, railway stations, power stations, gas stations, universities and technology companies. So far, more than 350,000 computers in 150 countries have been infected with this WINNER / WCry / WannaCrypt / Wanna Decryptor / WannaCrypt0r 2.0 virus. These ransomware attacks have infected users of most Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Ransomware Attacks

What is Ransomware Attacks?

Ransomware is one kind of malware. These malware claim to have a ransom or a ransom from the user for not doing any harm after the attack. This type of malware attacks computers and saves all information and takes control of all the information on the computer and prevents users from accessing their information or any entry to the data.
WannaCry runs the encryption of computer data and asks for 300 dollars from the user to get back the computer data and information.

To pay for this money, they have to pay for three days (from the time of attack). If you do not spend the money in the meantime, then you have to claim the double money. And for the last payment, it would be seven days from the time of the attack. Also, if you do not give money, you threaten to destroy all data.According to the New York Times,

There is so many information about the global cyber ransom attacks Analysts:

1. So far the UK hospitals, some Spanish companies, and 11 other countries have confirmed the attack.

2. According to Kaspersky, 45,000 attacks have been carried out in 74 countries. Among them are FedEx, NHS, Russian Interior Ministry.

3. Microsoft Windows operating system error has been applied. In April, this attack was carried out using a shadow broker called hacker’s security errors and programs.

4. 16 hospitals in the UK have been attacked. Doctors can not see the patient’s file. However, Prime Minister Thrace May said that no evidence of theft of any patient information was found.

5. Starting from the doc file, it can hold all the files needed by the media file, XL file.

6. Nobody has claimed responsibility for this attack.

7. According to the latest information from Elliptic, $ 82,644.72 (66,60,760) dollars has been given to these attackers (Elliptic is a biking firm that is monitoring this phenomenon).According to the technology experts, since no complicated code was used in this malware (the system could be made more complicated), so many more cyber attacks are awaiting the attackers, probably by attackers, this attack was predicted by a major attack, the New York Times reported.
Maybe the attack, the more dangerous any cyber attack !!!!!!
And do not take any risks right now, take action to protect your computer against any cyber attack.
How to protect your computer?Most of the victims are Windows 7 operating systems.

So what Do you change windows?

  • You install Windows 7’s latest security update.
    Because of the attack, all computers were using the old windows. Microsoft has asked users to update their Windows updates.
  • Do not open any email from an unknown address. Even if any suspicious mail comes from a known email, it is not open.Do not download any suspicious files. Do not go to any suspicious website.
  • Changes to Windows System It has two methods. I’ll show you both:

Method 1 Windows Feature Changes:

1) Go to Control Panel. You can go from the Start menu.

2) Click on Programs.

3) Click Turn Windows Features On or Off.

4) Tick the SMB 1.0 / CIFS File Sharing Support option from the feature list and restart your PC.Now your PC is protected from Ransomware Attacks.

Read Here:

Method 2 Change the settings of Windows Firewall:

1) Go to Control Panel. You can go to the Start Menu.

2) Go to System and Security and go to Windows Firewall.

3) Go to Turn Windows Firewall On or Off.

4) Configure the image below.

5) Now go to Advanced Settings and go to Inbound Rules and then click on New Rule.

6) Select Port and click Next.

7) Select TCP and go to Specific Local Ports and click Next 445.

8) Click on Block The Connection and click Next.

9) Tick the Domain, Private and Public three and click on Next.

10) Click on Finis 445 in the Name Room. 445 will be saved.

11) Go back to Inbound Rules and go to New Rule and then click on Port and click Next. Now from here, select UDP and 445 days in the specific local ports. Then click on Next.

12) Tick the Domain, Private and Public three and click on Next.

13) Click Finish with 445 up in the Name Room.

Complete your settings. Now your computer is completely free from the Ransomware Attacks.

Follow one of the methods. Do not mix two methods.

Anti-Ransomware Software:

General Anti-Virus cannot provide maximum protection against Ransomware, so we need separate Anti-Ransomware software.

Anti-Ransomware software will protect you from any ransomware attack. And if somehow your victim of a PC attack is lost, then this software will not allow the files to be encrypted and will remove the ransomware.

Get Here:

And using Anti-Ransomware software, there will be no need to change any settings in Windows, which means there is no problem.
There is much anti-ransomware software in the nets. But not all are good and Ransomware itself, behind many such software masks. So you have to be very careful.

In my opinion, you can use IOBit’s Pro version of Malware Fighter 5. It’s a Malware Fighter, but it’s also a great anti-ransomware There is a free version of it, but it will not be adequately protected. I use the Pro version of Malware Fighter 5 and believe that this is the best one.

To attack Ransomware on PC, it will give you the warning, and if you give permission, delete it, and Ransomware will block it if not allowed and will prevent any access.If you enjoyed the post, please take a moment to share this post with your friends and let them know about this.

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