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Mobile Legends Best Hero | Guide To Push Mythic Rank(100% Gain Stars)

Mobile legends best hero As always I have a great video found on youtube that in my opinion shows the perfect hero capabilities are. This Mage is amazing and once you get to know it’s in’s and out’s you can reach Mythic with the right teammates!

mobile legends best hero

If you play Zhask makes sure the team is well balanced with at least a Tank and a Charger. This way opportunities can be created for you to strike your foes at crucial times in the game. Team communication is the key to success.
We’d be glad to help you find a decent team to have ten times more fun in Mobile Legends and make new friends all over the world!

How is Zhask Going To Help You Rank Up?

Like every hero in Mobile Legends there is a learning curve to Zhask, this means that you’ll need to play games with this mage before you start gaining STARS like crazy! Let’s keep one thing in mind at all times, STRATEGY. You will need to try out different points of approach attacking the enemy with your tower. Taking someone by surprise is smarter than attacking sight. Take out the damage dealers and the most fed opponents first.

Before we are going into the combo’s, I want to make sure you guys know that the team selection is the most crucial point in the game.

Mobile Legends Best Hero Zhask Guide

What to keep in mind is that your turret is your most important companion during the game and it only attacks as long as your in range. If you move, make sure your turret moves as well. Make sure to place your turret at strategically beneficially good points for optimal use of it. If you’re ready to ult make sure your skills are out of cooldown for that little push to the edge damage-wise.

The best way would be to gank from the bushes with your turret placed behind the target, followed by mines wherever the enemy would flee, hitting it with your beam followed by your ult(s). In the team fights make sure your turret has the capability to hit all opponents with the damage dealer being the closest.
Keep on playing, and you will see your placement will improve more and more!

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Mobile Legends Best Hero :

Early game:

Early game you want to focus on getting as much FARM (in-game gold) as possible. Go Mid Lane and slay the minions and jungle mobs with as less XP-waste as possible. I always clear lane and take blue, clear lane again and take jungle mob below mid lane, if there is a possibility to take out the enemy jungle mobs always take them. You will farm until you are level 4 and then you can start going for a kill. Be aware that taking down turrets is more important than making kills.

Mid game:

Your turret should do some decent damage by now, get that overkill in mid lane and draw attention from top and bot lane. This way they can push there tower as well, and that gives your team a nice gold bonus. One team fight should give you another row of turrets and the ability to clear the complete enemy jungle. This gives an even larger gold bonus and then just return to base to get full health and mana.

Late game:

At this point your turret should be able to kill almost the entire team if you play it well, get in the bushes and attack enemies by surprise. Don’t stall too long and finish the game when possible. If you take out the mage and ADC of the opponent team, you guys are ready to slay them and kill the enemy HP.


The more information I gather about mobile legends best hero Zhask, the more I will update this GUIDE! If you have any tips and trick on HOW TO PLAY ZHASK, please drop a COMMENT below!

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Thank you and see you on the BATTLEFIELD!

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