How To Block Websites On Android?[Best Methods]

How to block websites on android? The question arises when it comes to the uses of an Android smartphone is above the maximum limit.Android devices are the most common smartphones practically operate by the user to learn a lot of things from the web. But over the internet, several contents are served to their audience.

Ban Websites

The internet is not responsible for your accessing the right or wrong content. However, they can only put a warning page before an illegal visiting page, but literally, many people hit the Yes button for sure especially a kid.So, it’s completely under your control to ban those illegal sites or to stop visiting those pages. For a kid, the first option will be the most reliable and recommended.

How To Block Websites On Android?

Blocking of websites on an android smartphone is very easy and straightforward. However, the devices didn’t mention any built-in feature regarding the blocking of websites on android.

But it can be optimized and achieve the feature by some certain apps and add-ons. Several methods are available to block websites on android. Here, I picked two best, easy to use and most reliable methods among them. Those two best hand-picked methods are :

  1. Installing the best App to block websites.
  2. Using an Add-on to restrict particular web pages.

Let’s talk about these two amazing methods to block websites on android in further more detail.

Best App To Block Websites On Android

Discussing the best app to block websites on android I would suggest you to download: Dr. Safety: Security, Antivirus, Booster.

Here are some features of this well-developed app that will let you know the uniqueness of this app.

Key Features Of Dr. Safety: Security, Antivirus, Booster

  • It provides safe web browsing by scanning and filtering URLs when you browse websites or chat with messaging apps.
  • Scan URLs for malicious threats when you are browsing websites or talking with your favourite messaging apps.
  • Parental Control keep you and your children secure from unwanted internet contents.
  • Scan any apps while they are being connected with your phone.
  • Scan apps, files, vulnerable settings of your phone.

Apart from these features this app protects and locks private photos in a password-protected Vault. Secure sensitive apps to protect your privacy with fingerprint supported.

Best Add-on To Block Websites On Android

The second best method is by using an add-on in a browser. I will talk about the Firefox browser because it is one of the downloaded and has the best rating browser over the internet. Firefox browser is very much user-friendly to serve the internet.

Firefox Browser: sicher surfen
Firefox Browser: sicher surfen
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Add-ons are the extension which is part of the browser that enhances the browser performance with some additional features in it. Generally, extensions are used mostly in browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox.

In Firefox browser the most commonly available add-on named Simple URL Blocker is one of the best extension to restrict unwanted or illegal web pages from accessing.

Key Features Of Simple URL Blocker

  • Manually block certain websites.
  • Very easy to handle.
  • Doesn’t cost a single dollar.
  • Filter URL’s on your own.
  • Fast and reliable for an android platform.
Simple Blocker
Simple Blocker
Developer: Ery
Price: Free

Advantages Of Blocking Websites

Blocking of websites is the must-have feature in your device. Not all websites on the internet share the good contents or required contents.

So, It’s better to keep yourself safe and secure from those random websites because it may lead you in a severe case and may have to face certain problems. Moreover, restricting unwanted websites can help kids to learn things better.

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The Bottom Line

Keep yourself safe from this cyber world by browsing safe and learn the good things from the internet so that you enjoy a beautiful life. Happy browsing!

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