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Highly Compress Images In Android Device Without Losing The Quality

Hello, everyone again come with an extraordinary trick to highly compress Images In an android device without losing the quality.Highly compress images in android –Most of you have an android phone as android is most used OS.

Highly Compress Images

But have you ever thought that Your images are taking a large space? For example, nowadays every phone has good camera quality so as a result images become large. But using this trick, you can compress them to some extent.It will also save your data if you are sending pics to any person. This article will help you to save your data as well as space without losing the quality

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There are many websites which compress images online, but They take a lot of time as well as it will also lose the quality of your picture so that will be just a waste of time, But there has an android app which performs this task very efficiently and with lots of ease. Yes, this is possible. We have added all the popular ways to compress images on your android device.

Now check out best and working way to compress images on android without killing and losing the quality of the images. This app compresses your images in two modes. One is the automatic mode in which it will be compressed automatically, this mode is known as a quick compress, and with this mode, there may be no change in the quality of the image. And another one is custom mode. With this, all the work will be put on your shoulders. You have to adjust the settings. Remember if you compress too much then the image will definitely lose its quality. So it is suggested to always use quick compress unless you know what you are doing.

Highly Compress Images On Android Device Without Losing The Quality

Step 1. You Have To Download Photo Compress 2.0 from play store Then Install and open the app

Step 2. After opening the app Now select the images which you want to compress.

Step 3. Now Select gallery option and get Any image from there.

Step 4. After Taking Any Image Now select quick compress.

Step 5. Now click on Replace And Exit That All Done you have successfully compressed it.

If you are troubled with the quality then again You Can load the image and then select image quality and again compress it. But remember the less quality is, the less the size is.

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So, friends, this is the best working way to get your images compressed without killing its quality. So now “ to highly compress images on an Android device without losing the quality” problem is solved.If you found any problem then don’t forget to comment down below. Also, share this tricks with your friends to make them happy.

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