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Hack Wifi Password Using Android 2018 Trick (100% Working)

Whether we used our Wi-Fi passwords on our Android at home or school, at work or a friend’s house or in a coffee shop, there is no limit that we have ever used. Whenever we use a WiFi password, our Android software stores it in memory. So that we can access that WiFi network later using that password.In this article, you will get an idea to hack wifi password using android.

Hack wifi pass

But the problem is that we can not see the password saved on our device. As a result, if we want to connect another device to that WiFi network, we can not provide any new device connection because we do not know the password or forget it.

To solve this problem, Alexandro Shillings has created an app that will help us to know the password for our WiFi network in Android. By using the API you can easily find out your WiFi password and share it with others.

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The instructions specified here, intended for educational purpose only.


  • Install WiFi Key Recovery:
  • The name of epilation created by Shillings is WiFi Key Recovery. You will get this app free from Google Play Store.

What to do to install The App:

  • Search by entering the name of the app.
  • Then install App on your root drive or anywhere you want (root drive is the primary place to store all your program files in Android).


View the saved WiFi password.
How to View Password Using WiFi Key Recovery

1) After the WiFi Key Recovery starts, you will get the approval of Super User.

wifi pass 1

2) Please accept the grant (grant).

3) Then there will be a list where you will be writing the type of WiFi connection and password you have used in your Android till now.

4) Here is the password that is written in the “PSK” field.

wifi pass 2

5) If you have used too much WiFi network since the purchase of Android, then the list is too long. In order to find a specific WiFi network, you can use the “SSID QuickSearch” field.

Step-3: Share WiFi Password:

If you want to share one of these passwords on another device from this list, there are a number of methods for it.

One method is:

1) When you press any WiFi option on the list, a small menu will appear.

wifi pass 3

2) through which the entire WiFi network can be shared or the password is shared.

3) Information can also be shared through “QR Code”. However, there is a need for an additional one for this.


Step-4: Save the WiFi password:

If you want, you can save this list of WiFi connections.

What to do –

1) Press the hardware menu button on your device, or with three dot options in the navigation bar.

wifi pass 4

2) Then select “Export”.

3) This will create a text file so that all information will be stored.

Wifi pass 5

4) Now you can save this text file by copying it to your “SD Card” or any other device.

5) And if your list is not too extensive, you can also save through the screenshot.

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