Most Secret Google Chrome Hidden Features You Should Know

Finding people who don’t know Google Chrome is like seeing a lot of gold. Now there are no people who don’t use Google Chrome. If you use a computer or use mobile, Google Chrome has become like the default apps. .I hope you are excited to know the google chrome hidden features. You know that there are some dark features of Google Chrome and seeing those features will make your eyes look like a lot. I liked these features that’s why I came to share this topic with you today. So let’s start talking more about the real thing.

Google Chrome Hidden Features

What is google chrome?

Google Chrome is a web browser, which is made by Google. Although you or I know this thing there are many people they don’t know about this issue. But if you know, Google will probably be surprised by the Chromium framework. This is a complete open-source framework. Google has released it as a project, the project named The Chromium Projects. Google Chrome is the most downloaded browser on the planet, so it is worth considering how favourite this browser is. Read Here:

Most Secret Google Chrome Hidden Features

These features are made in the form of the Google Chrome project. It’s different for everyone, and all of them work to win at For that, you have to use Google Chrome inevitably.

Google underwaters

By hearing the name, you can understand how it might be, yes it will show you that Google is under the water. You have to  Go to Google.Com then in the sarse box, google underwater, then click on I’m Feeling lucky and stay in touch with Google’s underwater interface. This is a project site named Its project URL is

Google Sphere

It seems to be the name of the problem is a problem? Well, I mean, it will present Google in a rotational position in front of you. All of these texts will be rotated through ebb tumble. Follow this rule to see and write google sphere. Then you will understand the fun. It has made, its project URL

3. Google Rainbow

When you hear the name, you do not have to say it separately. It represents Google as a rainbow in front of you Google. To do this, follow the previous rule and write to google rainbow. Start watching live fun with the bus. This is a site called Its project URL

Google Gravity

The Google grub is a project created by I told you earlier that Google Chrome was built on the Chromium project, and that is the completely open source. And made it as a chromium project. Its project URL is But I’m just saying I’m not saying the real thing, what’s its job? The work of Google Gravity is that the whole interface of Google’s Gogol is coming from the sky and it is holding something down from the bottom. Not too funny? Yes, Google’s entire interface will be broken, you can move it wherever you want. All you have to do is enter and write in the sarse box google gravity and I`m feeling lucky. See the magic with you. Below I can take 2 skins shortcut to see.

Google Guitar

It will bring Google in front of you with a guitar-like interface. For that you have to do the same thing, for that, you have to write google guitar It has created and its project URL

6. Google mirror.

Yes, it will represent Google like a mirror in front of you. To do this, you just have to follow the previous rules and write to google mirror.

7. Google Snake

It’s a snake game that you understand by listening to the name. Yes, it is a snake game, it takes a lot of fun. Occasionally I feel like I had gone in the previous era. If you wish, but once you can see it, you will find a lot of fun. To play it, you have to follow the previous rule and just write google snake. It has, its project URL

8. Google Pac Man

This is a game. Here you can throw coins though you do not need any money or to complete a task. For this to go, you have to follow the same rule, and sour google Pacman writes it. This is a developer named Macek, and it has been submitted to GitHub. Its Project and GitHub URL

9. Google Space

Having heard the name, maybe you can understand how it might be! It will bring Google in front of you as if it is floating in space. Each button, the space bar, will all float in different directions. In a word, Google thinks that space is in space. To see it, enter and click on the google space and I`m feeling lucky in the cursor box. It also has its project URL Hope you are doing well.

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