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How To Get Paid To Write Articles For Website Quickly!

Every Successful Internet Marketer knows the importance of getting paid writing great some article for a website. Unfortunately, the majority of newbie marketers are still struggling trying to learn how to write articles for money.Here’s the guide to get paid to write articles for Website.

get paid to write articles for website

Not only the search engines love original as well as unique articles, but also you will be a darling to your blog visitors especially if you write an article that will help them solve whatever challenges they may be having.
Now the problem about writing some great content is that in most instances even if you are a great writer, you will find out that after writing about 30 to 50 articles in whatever niche market you are targeting you will end up running out of ideas not knowing what to write about.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you some of the tactics I am personally using to avoid what is known as writer’s blog, especially for those people who want to earn some extra income by getting paid to write articles online.

Get Ideas

You must always have a pen and paper with you, to jot down any ideas that interest you everywhere you go.Visit your competitor’s Blog, but please try to read their Blog post first then make either a positive a negative comment on their Blog based on what you think about their post.Go to online forums as well as attend live online webinars and jot down whatever useful information you find to create your own articles.

Keyword Research

Have a template that you use to outline your main ideas and subtopics you are going to talk about in your article.Attend live events organised by successful marketers in your niche, even if it means that you had to pay for them.Use free Keywords tools like Google Adwords analyzer or Market Samurai or paid Keyword Tools like Keyword Elite and do a research about 50 to 200 Keywords to write articles about that you will use to promote your website.Now after doing your research, it is time to write your article for money.


The biggest challenges most newbie marketers have about getting paid to write an article is the fact that, they procrastinate and give themselves different excuses of why they won`t write their own uniqueness as well as original content to post on their blogs.

Now according to my experience, the easiest way to start learning how to write an article, is to just write anything in a simple as well as easy to understand language as if you are talking to your friend.

You must not worry about grammar or try to edit the article at first as this will disturb your flowing ideas.

Now Here Are Types Of Articles Readers love, And You Will Be Sure Of A Guaranteed Readership Base:

1: Top 9 Mysteries To Improve Your Article Writing Skills.

2: How To Do SEO Keyword Research, Before Writing Any Article To Get First Page.

Now I hope you get the ideas, the reason why people love the freelance writing jobs, type of content is that:

  • It teaches them to do something or to learn how to do something.They can quickly and easily scan through your article subheading, to find out if your content is what they are looking for or not.
  • It is very important to remember that your Blog readers don`t have the whole day to read your “How to get paid to write articles” article.

Make It Easily Understable

Now to make the life of your website visitors even easier, try to write some small 3 to 4 sentences per paragraph.This will win you repeat blog visitors because you have made it easy for them to find whatever kind of information they are looking for as you have made reading your articles to be easy in their eyes.

Thank you for reading my Blog post, I hope you did find it to be very informative, and please share it on your FaceBook or even twitter friends.

Klein Mendez
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Klein Mendez is a young blogger running Cyber Stumble from his living room. He is a tech tricks Consultant, Blogger, and an intense music lover.


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