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How to Get Free Domain Name For Website?

Domain name is really important for making a website. It is very basic need to run a website. A domain that one which can determine one or more particular IP(internet protocol) addresses. You must have to run a website with any special IP address.

Get Free Domain Name

And It can be defined by your domain. It means It is very important to have a domain to run a website. In this tutorial, it is fully explained about the function of a domain and how it works and how you can Get the Free domain name for your website.

What is the domain name and how it works?

As above domain is already defined that “domain name is the particular address which can be assigned/determined by a particular one or more IP address”.For more explanations Let us Get an Example of it. As You have seen at the top bar something like ”www.cyberstumble.com”.

Here cyberstumble.com is the domain.And a WordPress blog’s website IP address is running on it. Here CyberStumble is the domain name and com is its extension. There are many extensions of domains such as .com ,.net, .pk ,.in ,.us ,.com.pk ,.ga , .tk , .ml ,etc etc .There are so many extensions are available. Almost about 273 top level domain extensions and 882 other level domain extensions.Their number is also increasing.These extensions are also something like short forms like “pk” for Pakistan “in” for India. But all domain extensions work at the whole internet, and anybody can access them.

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What are subdomains?

Actually, there is also subpart of the domain.Subdomains are the subpart of a domain.Like tools.cyberstumble.com here cyberstumble is the domain name, and tools.cyberstumble.com is the subdomain. It is very easy to get subdomains or to run subdomains for free. But nowadays you can also get free domain names for some particular extensions.

What extensions may you Get Free domain names?

you can not get the top level domain extensions like .com .net .pk .in for free. These are top level domains. These only you can get by paying. I will letter post an article about how to get the cheapest top level domain? Almost about 1$ for a year. But here we are discussing to get free domain extensions. You can Get the following domain extensions for free by following our tutorial.
.Ga , .Ml , .TK , .Gq these are some African countries domains whom You can get for free, and even you can get the unlimited these domains for.

How to Get Free Domain Name for Website?

First of all, Go to www.freenom.com and a new page will be seen in which there is a box now search something  .which you want to get a domain name.Just like your name.Now hit the enter button or click on button check on availability .

Now it will show you the domain name is available or not and click on the extension by clicking get. Then after selecting your domain click at checkout.It will show you to select period.Select on 12 months.Click on check out.At the bottom of next page you will see to verify with email .enter your email hit enter.

Now go to your mailbox and verify.  You have to give some of your basic info about you just like address and password give them and then click on the button and it will show a success message.Congratulations You are now the owner of your website. Now you can set the DNS server or redirect or else by going to services=>my domains =>click on manage domain ==> name servers you may now add it to your hosting or redirect it to another website.

Thank you for reading my Blog post.I hope you did find it to be very informative, and please share it on your FaceBook or even twitter friends.

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