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Keyword Ranking Dropped In SERP? How To Get It Back?

Google is running out many Algo updates. Every single week we hear of a new update and then many bloggers complaining that their keyword ranking went down, their traffic went down, they lost their Page Rank etc. In the recent update, even I lost my keyword rankings and my organic traffic was just murdered.

Keyword Ranking

I lost over 80% of my organic traffic for one of my websites. I am still trying to get that reputation back in terms of search engine ranking. But there is one question, which arises in everyone’s mind,

What do Google Algo Updates depend on? Why was Keyword Ranking Dropped?

Well, there are several reasons behind this. According to Matt Cutts and many other Google officials, every single update is for something different.

Sometimes they look for illegal links pointing to your website and sometimes they look for you using your website for illegal link sales or any other activity which is not accepted in the white hat scenario.

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Google, at the time of algo updates, also look for any illegal way used by the bloggers or SEO experts to get their links on the first page of Search Engine. Below I am sharing some of the factors responsible for your keyword going down

1.First And Foremost Thing Is The Content – If you have any content or part of the content which comes under the restricted category like pornography, gambling, hacking and cracking, Google will penalize this.

No matter how great article you have written, try to not include even a single word related to the restricted topics I mentioned above.

Along with this, if your content is copied, the original source will get more preference in the search engine. There you lose your chances to rank higher for the same keyword.

2.Links To Your Content – This also plays an important role in deciding the reputation of that particular page. Whether your links are coming from some trusted pages or from fake pages.

There are some pages having thousands of links to every kind of content. Those pages generally sell links to those who buy them in bulks.

Having a link back to your site from such page can be very harmful. Google has become very strict in recent years.

3.Outgoing Links From A Particular Page – This has been a great concern to Google. Web pages, after making a bit of reputation on the web, start selling links.

In expectation of a bit of money, they end up linking to many pages related to gambling or something which is not related to their niche and Google just hates this.

There is one more serious concern if you do not moderate your comments. Many times, bots end up commenting in your blog with some irrelevant link.

Always check the links before approving a comment. One such link can ban your whole website for the lifetime.

4.Exact Match Domain- You should never have a domain which has some keywords in it and if you have Exact match domain, you should build a site with great quality.

In a recent update, Google has penalized all those websites who were not having quality content and those were taking the only benefit of the keyword in the domain to rank higher in the search engines.

Almost 90% or keyword having domains have been affected.

All these factors I mentioned above have the different impact on the search engine rankings of your blog. While choosing the best among thousands, Google considers every single point mentioned above.

What if you are affected by Google algo update? Is there any way that you can get your old rankings back and earn same as you were earning before the update?

This is a question which arises in every blogger’s mind. Well, if I say that yeah, there are ways using which you can get your search engine ranking back

How to get your Search Engine Ranking Position back after Google Algo update?

Nothing is impossible in the Internet scenario. If you lose your keyword ranking, you can easily get that ranking back or even better ranking than that. you just need to understand some points.

Keep Writing Content. Content has always been the key for bloggers. To get your keyword ranking back, you will need to continue writing content.

Along with this, you are advised to submit an XML sitemap to all the major search engines. Posting your content frequently will ensure that your website will keep pumping in the search engine.

Check all your previous content and revise all the important posts. Revising your old posts updates them even in the search engines and it gives the possibility of those pages coming up in the search engine rankings.

Delete duplicate content. If you feel there are a few articles or part of articles copied from other sources, delete them. Because duplicate content is often neglected by the search engines.

Build a few authority links. Build a reputation again for your website by getting some backlinks. Guest posting is the most trusted way of today’s time to get links and increase keyword ranking.

If you do not have time to write guest posts, you can comment on dofollow blogs, comment on forums and share your website on social media platforms.

Above mentioned are the proven ways if you want to get back your Search Engine position ranking. All your hard work will never go in vain. You just need to be consistent with the writing and SEO.

Klein Mendez
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Klein Mendez is a young blogger running Cyber Stumble from his living room. He is a tech tricks Consultant, Blogger, and an intense music lover.


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