Cider Apk Download v5.0.1 Free{Official Version}2020

Cider apk ios emulator is one of the best android application that converts an android phone user interface to an iPhone user interface. If you are an android user and you want to experience iOS on your device then you have landed on the right page.

Cider Apk Download

However, cider apk converts the android os to iOS user interface it only changes the looks of the phone. The Cider apk iOS emulator is basically a launcher android app. A launcher app like cider iOS emulator converts the basic system theme to its certain theme.

Cider Apk Download

It is one of the best iOS emulator for android phone. However, It is mentioned in many websites cider android emulator can run and install iOS apps that is not sure if you can run the iOS apps.

Download the latest version of cider apk from the below link.  This is the latest version of cider android emulator app.

 Cider Apk

   App Name: Cider APK
Developer: Cider Team
Latest Version: v5.0.1
Android Version: Android 4.2+
Last Updated: June 20, 2020

Download Cider Apk emulator

Cider Apk Latest Information

Cider ApkDetails
Latest Version v5.0.1
App Size 6.5MB
Downloads 2M+
Developer Cider Team

How To install Cider Apk on Android

To run the apk file you simply follow the steps for installing a normal android app. Otherwise, if you are downloading it for the first from an unknown source then follow the below steps.

  1. First, download the cider android emulator app from the above link.
  2. Now Go to your phone settings.
  3. Enter your phone’s privacy section.
  4. Search for “allow Installation from unknown sources”.
  5. Check the option “allow installation from unknown sources”.
  6. Now install the app and you are done.

Cider Apk Screenshots & Video


Cider Apk ScreenshotCider Apk Screenshot1


Cider App Features

  1. The app is totally free of cost you don’t have to invest any single amount to download the cider android emulator.
  2. You can feel the iOS user interface on your android phone.
  3. The app is free of Ads that make the app to prevent it from irritating ads.
  4. It won’t make your device slower.
  5. It runs smoothly from android 4.2+.

Advantages Of Cider Android Emulator

If you running an android phone and you want to experience iOS then cider iOs emulator is the best app you can ever have on your android device. You will see all apps on your turned into iOS theme looks which seems the device is like an iPhone.

Disadvantages Of Cider Android Emulator

Cider android emulator will change the device settings in order to convert the phone into iOS user interface. So it may have chances of error to open some app that is not compatible with the cider android emulator settings.

Cider Screenshot

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How to uninstall Cider apk

Uninstalling the cider android emulator is just as deleting other android apps. you can simply go to manage apps in settings and uninstall the app from there.

Final Words

Cider android emulator is the best app to enjoy iOS user interface. So, download it and enjoy iOS on your android phone.

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