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10 Fastest And Privacy Protected Best Browser For Mac [Exclusive List]

A web browser is an application in a device that let us serve the internet. Choosing the best browser for mac or any other devices you owned can give you the best experience to access the internet.There are so many web browsers you can find on the internet but not all are best, and all people don’t have enough time to install and experience all of those browsers.

Best Browser For Mac

Are you confused about picking the best browser for your device? Do you want to get privacy protected and high-performance smooth browsing experience?This article will solve all of these your questions,and you will be able to select the best browser for mac after going through this article.I’ve collected 10 hand-picked best web browser for Mac.

How To Choose Best Browser For Mac?

Before installing the best browser for Mac we must know the different factors that decide to select the actual and best browser for the Mac operating system.

Three main principles really decide to choose the best browser for Mac, and those are-

  • Compatibility Of The Browser – A web page uses different languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. So your browser should also have the capacity to handle those else the page will encounter an error, or you can get disordered information.
  • Safety Of The Browser – Security is an essential thing on the internet. The Internet has connected the world, and that’s made it easy to share information in every part of the world.
    But Sharing or leaking the sensitive information like Card details, passwords etc., may lead you to sit with regret.
  • Ease Of Use – Certain things look beautiful when it’s in sequence and attract people. Similarly, a web browser should have the proper placements of a proper element so that people can find it easily without facing any trouble.

Dealing with the above principles, we can easily select the best browser for Mac and here’s the list of 10 best browsers for mac collected with proper information.

1.Iridium Browser

Iridium is based on the Chromium code and due to which the browser enhanced its security. Iridium browser loads website very fast and renders information quickly even if from the complex website.

The ease of use is effortless with this browser; anybody can run this Iridium browser by his common browser knowledge. Iridium Browser is entirely free and open-source software project.

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2.Waterfox browser

Waterfox browser is based on Firefox and is compiled applying various compilers and using Intel’s Math Kernel Library. Waterfox browser is built with unique privacy feature, so you don’t have to worry about where you are visiting.

Go fearlessly to your targeted website and render information from those sites. User experience is very fast without being sluggish. Waterfox browser is also available for Android and Windows platform.

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3.Maxthon Browser

Maxthon is a chinese corporation particuarly known for developing web browsers. Maxthon Browser awarded the best browser in three consecutive years.

Maxthon Browser gives high-performance cloud backup, synchronisation and sharing capabilities, and advanced encryption to ensure user data security. The ease of use is simple and fast in Mac devices. Overall the browser is easier to manage.

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4.SeaMonkey Application

SeaMonkey project uses much similar code as Mozilla Firefox. SeaMonkey actually a all in one internet software and it includes Web-browser, advanced e-mail, newsgroup and feed client, IRC chat, and HTML editing.

Therefore, this application is not just only a web browser but you can get some additional features with SeaMonkey application.

Usability is a bit different than above web browsers but if you want enjoy some additional features with a web browser than I recommend you to download this application.

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5.Camino Browser

Camino is a GUI-based browser based on Mozilla’s Gecko layout engine and particularly designed for OS X operating system. The latest Camino 2.1.2 version is the last update of this browser as per the official site.

However, the Camino browser comes with a great security feature. Camino Browser includes built-in phishing and malware protection and with its annoyance blocking can block pop-ups, ads, and Flash animations.

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6.Min Browser

Min Browser lets you select whether you wish to see ads or not. And when you’re using a slow internet connection, it lets you block scripts and images, so pages load faster and blocks useless data. Moreover, The Browser is very responsive and user-friendly.

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7.OmniWeb Browser

OmniWeb is developed using Apple’s object-oriented application programming interface(Cocoa API) for its desktop operating system macOS and with this, it helps to take full advantage of Mac operating system.

It uses Quartz to render smooth text and graphics form the web. Aqua UI interface that makes the browser attractive looking. OmniWeb browser was developed by a group named Omni Group for the NextSTEP platform.

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8.Yandex Browser

The world’s first browser with DNScrypt (Domain Name System) technology and encrypts DNS traffic. So this browser is highly secured as it gives protection from trojan DNS changer or hackers.

Yandex browser is developed by the Russian web search corporation. The Yandex browser checks security of a web page by its Yandex security system and scan the downloaded files with Kaspersky antivirus.

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9.TOR browser

Tor Browser

TOR is the abbrevation of “The Onion Router”. TOR browser is known as most popular anonymity web browser on the internet.

As this browser uses more than seven thousand network overlay to connect with targeted website so it clear that it’s too hard to reveal the user’s identity by doing network surveillance or traffic analysis.

This browser completely conceal’s a users location and it’s the main concept about this browser. Your real IP will be concealed in eavesdropping.

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10.Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi Browser uses the technology of Blink rendering engine similar to Google Chrome and Opera Browser does and this helps to install the extensions of Google Chrome directly from the chrome web store in Vivaldi browser.

The appearance of Vivaldi browser is different than the chrome so some extension might not work here, for example, user interface customization.

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The bottom line

Having the right web browser gives you the best and enhancing performance to serve the internet.

List of web browsers mentioned above are practically tested best browser for Mac Operating System, and I suggest you use some of them and feel free to comment on your practical experience.

Don’t forget to use the comment box to ask your doubt. Also, spread this post with your Facebook friend’s circle, colleague and in any other social media platform. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected and keep updated yourself with the latest technology tips.

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