10 Beautiful Places In India Where Tourism Has Been Banned Due To The Physical Reason

The fears of genes-ghosts are everywhere. There is no such fear in life that can not be found in life! Ever went to a place where the foreskin straps, sticks up? Or fear of shaking the Thar Thar! There may be such feeling in the rural areas of the bamboo garden, rattan gardens, bushes, old houses, and walk alone in the dark of night.Beautiful Places In India

Bamboo, cane, and many bushes of trees are behind our house. There are many stories of genes and ghosts in there. There are so many famous horrific places in the world, picking up 10 out of them and highlighting some of the exciting and horror places are always awakening in us, India is a mysterious country, a country which has many superstitious beliefs and stories.

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This unusual activity that happens only in the book, but it is also encountered in real life. If someone wants to get a bone-haired experience out of his own Gandhi, then they should be patient with their waist belt. Here are some places which have been kept out of the tourism boundaries due to supernatural presence. If you have courage, then just go out of the boat.

1.Vangar Fort – One Of The World’s Ghostly Place.

Vangar Fort is not only the most earthly place in India, but it is also the top of the geographical spots in the world. This fort is situated in Rajasthan, officially declared by the Government of India to be the phantom. The order and rules of the authority are very strict to enter this fort and those who have spent time describing the unusual activity in their story.Ghosts are also known in India too. Bhangar fort is the most famous place in India. Local people named this place. There is a bust around this area. There are some popular ghost stories about the area and the city. Authorities do not allow visitors to see destroyed remains after evening. It is said that a princess had turned her back from a sorcerer because she wrecked the area and the magician destroyed it. It was destroyed again in the 1700s by the army. In this area the magician’s spirit is still there, no bird or any animal is called at night, all are said to remain silent. No one has seen the courage to spend the night there.

2. Dumas Beach – The Most Beautiful Beach Of Gujarat

where a man went to spend the night but did not return.The Dumas beach of Gujarat is one of the most attractive beaches, but the place is not as enjoyable as the Indian government has declared the place as a ghost destination. According to residents of Surat, if a person spent a night visiting this beach and spent a night, they would never return. Before this place, there was a Hindu crematorium.
Meanwhile, the history of most Dumas Beach has located 21 kilometres away from Surat, with the Arabian Sea. The most amazing thing is that the colour of the sand here is black. Nobody knows about this history. But, locals say that centuries ago the souls resided here, and due to this the sand of the place became black. In between this, the corpses are also burnt.
People think that people who do not attain salvation or whose premature death dies, their soul dwells on this beach. This is also the Famous Love Spot. Many couples say that it looks spectacular since the evening, which looks beautiful in the daytime. There are voices of crying and sobs to the beach.
However, some people refuse to speak out of ghosts. They say that dogs are present here in the night. They are afraid of their voices and the races. The sand here is black, which leads to a scary atmosphere. At the same time, the locals also have to say that the dogs start crying at the beach and they are running away.

3. Kuldahara – The Geographical Village Of Rajasthan.

The second terrible place in Rajasthan is Kuldahara, known since 1990 as the village’s ghostly village. According to a legend, villagers who remained there for more than eight centuries suddenly disappeared in one night and did not return. When a person tried to seize land and property in this village, the soul present in the village killed him.
Kuldhara (Kuldhara) is about eighteen kilometres from Jaisalmer. There were chaurasi villages in this area of Paliwal community, and it was one of them. In the year 1291, the Kuldhar branch of the diligent and noble Paliwal settled this village with about six hundred houses. Kuldhara village was completely made of scientifically.
What was the reason that the village was so developed, then why was the reason that the village became desolate overnight? The reason for this was the Ayyash Diwan Salam Singh of the village whose dirty look had fallen on the village, a beautiful girl. Diwan was so crazy behind that girl that she just wanted to find him in some way. He started making pressure on Brahmins for this. The extent has come when it was so that the divan, shattered in the power of the matter, sent a message to the girl’s house that if she did not get her girl till the next full moon, then she would attack the village and pick up the girl. It was a difficult time for the villagers. They either had to save the village or their daughter. To decide on this matter, all 84 villages gathered at a temple, and the panchayats decided that whatever their daughter would do, she would not give her to the Diwan.
What was the matter, the villagers decided to evacuate the village and all 84 villages overnight disappeared from the eyes. As he went, he cursed that no one in this house would be able to settle after today. Even today, the condition is the same as that night when people had left it.

4. D’souza slum – The Highest Geographical Location In Maharashtra.

The Mumbaiites are very well-known in Mahima’s D’suna slum because it is the most dangerous place in Maharashtra’s forests. According to local people, there is a woman’s spirit in this place, who died after taking water from the well. He does not harm anyone, but he does not let the people wander around this village.

5. Vrindavana Society – The Most Horrific Place Of Thana, Where An Invisible Soul Slapped The Guard.

The Vrindavana Society is considered to be the most popular place of the Thane, where a man lost his life many years ago. It is a matter of time that the security guard of the building slapped so loud that he stood up from the chair and sacked another security guard sitting nearby, thinking that he might have killed him. After knowing the truth, their senses got blown up.
Even if there is a mysterious death in a house, people start to think it is a scary place. The Vrindavan Society of Thane is in such places.

6. Shaniwar Wada Fort – A Famous Haunted Place.

Shaniwar Wada Fort is situated in Pune, Maharashtra. The foundation of this fort was laid on Saturday. Hence its name was Shaniwar Wada. This fort is famous for its grandeur and historicity. It was built by the Peshwas who ruled the Maratha empire in the 18th Century. This fort was the chief seat of Peshwas till 1818. But there is also a black chapter attached to this fort. On this night in the fort on August 30, 1773, Narayan Rao, 18, who became only the fifth Peshwa of the Maratha Empire at the age of 16, had been conspicuously murdered. When the killer came to kill him, he picked up his uncle (uncle’s room) and ran a race called “Kaka Mall Vachva” (Uncle Save Me), but unfortunately, he was killed before reaching there. It is said that in the fort, the soul of the same child, Narayana Rao still wanders, and the last word “Kaka Mala Wachau” spoken by him is still heard in the fort. Therefore, this fort is included in India’s top most haunted place in India. Let us now tell you in detail from the construction of this fort to the right of the British and on the conspiracy of killing Narayan Rao.
It is not right to go to the fort after being dark because it is said that the soul of a young prince escapes in the fort, whom he murdered by his siblings and family members. Horror activities are more visible on each full moon night.

8. Grand Paradi Tower – Mumbai

The grand paradi tower is considered to be the most haunted building in Mumbai. Since its creation in 1976, 20 people have committed suicide by jumping from the eighth floor of this building, which includes children from the elderly to the elderly. Therefore it is also called Suicide Point. Initially, the Suicide was at intervals, so the people did not pay attention, but in 2004, an elderly couple jumped from here and committed suicide. Within a year, the remaining members of his family also committed suicide by jumping from the same place. They also included their small grandson granddaughters. After this, the building came into the headlines, and it came to be believed that this building has an inhabitant of supernatural powers.

9. Raj Kiran Hotel – A Prominent Place For The Occult Event In Mumbai.

Because of the supernatural activities in the hotel, you will have to take permission to visit Raj Kiran Hotel at your own risk. Residents of the hotel have reported tremendous shaking experience, and the bed sheets themselves are far away. The rooftop room is located in a quiet corner behind the reception.
One room at this hotel is considered to be the centre of extraordinary activity. Many times a person staying in that room has been seen walking strangely due to late night. On asking, it shows that some strength makes him do this. The victim also says that during this time she sees the blue light on her legs. Many people have to say that when they sleep at night, someone draws their bandits. Many paranormal experts have examined this room and have confirmed the supernatural forces here. After this, the hotel has stopped renting this room.

10. Darjeeling’s Downhill – Known For Its Diverse Non-Morphological Activity And Headless Boy’s Travel.

This is a nice place to visit, downhill at Darjeeling in Kurseong, but it is considered one of the most dangerous places in the country. A school of girls near the downhill saw the sight of a man untimely and unusual and saw a boy in a nearby forest walking around his head. It can be said that innumerable murders took place in Downhill Forest.

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